Arkaia: The Enigmatic Isle is no longer available for purchase. If you previously purchased Arkaia via Steam or, you can still download it via the previous purchases sections on those storefronts. Thank you for your support!

What is Arkaia: The Enigmatic Isle?

Arkaia: The Enigmatic Isle was Painted Sky Studios’ first title, a first-person point-and-click adventure game. It launched on Steam and for Windows, Mac and Linux in September of 2017.

Piece together an original and epic story while solving puzzles and exploring an interesting and fantastical environment. Arkaia is planned to be released in an episodic manner, starting with “The Enigmatic Isle” and eventually at least two more chapters in order to complete the story.

Arkaia is really a love letter to the Myst games that we hold very dear. Myst and its sequels set the standard for immersive, challenging experiences, and we will never forget the feeling of exploring those Ages! So we decided to make an homage to those amazing games, while presenting a fresh new narrative that is sure to hook you.

So come into the world of Arkaia, and feel free to look around…




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